The Covfefe Table Book

A Selection of Tweets by the
45th President of the Unites States of America

Donald J. Trump

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Real Time History

The Forty Fifth is a monument,
a time capsule, a warning from history
that will preserve and make sense of
Trump's tweets for future generations.

The Twitter President

Abraham Lincoln had a muse of fire. Theodore Roosevelt spoke softly and carried a big stick. John F Kennedy had a silver tongue. But Donald Trump has Twitter.

Never before has the world had such a window on the US president's thinking from moment to moment. Trump has used the social media platform at all hours of the day and night to practise diplomacy and threaten war, hire and fire staff, lob insults at perceived foes and shock, scandalise and galvanise more than 75 million followers.

Welcome to the definitive collection of these posts, misspellings and all.

David Smith
Editor of The Forty Fifth
Washington Bureau Chief of The Guardian

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